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And I must work thro’ months of toil,
And years of cultivation,
Upon my proper patch of soil
To grow my own plantation.
I’ll take the showers as they fall,
I will not vex my bosom;
Enough if at the end of all
A little garden blossom.

[ amphion : tennyson ]

i’ve been away finding myself.

back now.

click the pictures to read descriptions.

much love

- s

hello. travel.

i am getting ready to escape to the philippines for a week.

desperately need to be immersed in nature.

and with amazing people who love me and i love them and we’ve known each other since i’ve been in hk pretty much.


so i won’t be posting for several days.

in the meantime, here are some things that say hello.

the pigeons on the next building out my bedroom window.

the tai chi people who were very friendly to me, doing their thing on the mountain behind my school.

hong kong park on a superhothumid day.

much love,

- s


DIY/crafty things in hong kong aren’t as easy as they are back home. there’s no home depot, no wal-mart…even grocery shopping can mean going to 2/3 different stores to get everything needed. (i’m blessed to have several local stores and an open fruit/veg market almost directly downstairs from my building)

but this isn’t about food. since Dana moved in, we’re revamping the house. we’ve switched the curtains around (literally) so they’re khaki instead of blue. we’re going to find different vinyl and make our fridge gray (probably) instead of blue. we even have shark jaws to somehow mount on the wall (SUGGESTIONS FOR HOW TO DO THIS ARE GREATLY APPRECIATED).

Up in our enormous storage cabinet i found a wooden frame (which i kept after ripping off the canvas back in the fall, figuring i would one day find use for it, whether it be a week or a century in the future) that was horribly pale and sickly. of course we decided to do something with it. after a brainstorming session, the idea is putting it on the wall and using it as a detached ‘frame’ for something inside. we’re gonna play that one by ear, but what we do know is that we love old rustic things and that’s kind of the feel we want for the house.

this guy, however, was not looking up to our standards. i remembered reading once about soaking steel wool in vinegar overnight and using that to age the wood. so having no idea what i was doing, i decided to give it a go. in a small bowl i put a ball of steel wool and filled it halfway with white vinegar. the next night i spread out on the floor to test it out.

it worked perfectly. the corners were a little hard to stain but i just used my finger to guide the nasty liquid to the gaps. it smelled pretty weird and my hands were stained a little for another day, and smelled metallic when i washed them. but it was fairly easy to wash off and the wood looks great.

so that’s what i did a couple of nights ago.


- s

there is a jackfruit growing in my ginger.

interesting, you might say.

however, i don’t think you understand the weight of this issue.


jackfruit can weigh up to 80 pounds,

and i bought a couple of small pieces the other day – small pieces that come from the inside of one of these pods, of course – and put the seed in the ginger pot.

i checked it today and it’s rooting down in there. i thought it was dead because it’s not growing up.

it’s growing down

…because it’s one of the world’s largest trees.

and it’s growing in the ginger pot.


also, my roommate Mimi left back to Germany :(

but now I have another roommate who also goes to my school

and we’re making the house a definite bungalow.

her name is dana.

i’m going antique hunting tomorrow in Sham Shui Po.

that stuff finds me, I don’t find it, I swear, so it’s a good thing I like old rusty stuff.

somehow we’re gonna put it up to decorate.

Dana and i got stuck in the rain a few nights ago.

that was a fun roommate-orientation-adventure.

we went to bed really early (in the morning) cause we stayed up talking.

and since she’s moved in all she can do is say ‘we’re gonna have such a cool house.’

IMG_3500you’ll definitely see more of the jackfruit saga and more of my new crazy roommate.

much love

- s

香港濕地公園 [ wetland park ]

a friend and i escaped for a while to a district called Tin Shui Wai to the wetland parks.

big picture, there wasn’t much happening, so i tuned into the details and found some lovely things.

lately i have been struggling with being in the city.

i almost had a minor breakdown the other day when looking at my sister’s pinterest at her nature scenes. the pictures weren’t even from home, they were simply beautiful pictures far from anywhere touched by a human foot

mist curling around mountaintops and

vast expanses of trees breathing fresh into the air and

birds, huge, yet only tiny dots in comparison


i cannot wait to be immersed.

2 months exactly

my last post was a very long time ago.


if only i could catch every one of you up on all the happenings that have comprised the life of syd since i last shared about our HSBC event. but that takes so much of the mystery out of it . .

i think i mentioned before that after the january – march quarter, SCAD gave us one week off before the  march – june quarter. this was the first time SCAD HK was given a week off for easter, and everyone agreed that we desperately needed it. i disconnected more this quarter than i have in any other quarter since i’ve been here. i met amazing people who i believed were only wishful dreams in my head but no, they exist, and i became more motivated and inspired than i have experienced in such a long time i can’t even remember.

and not even motivating me to work harder – i don’t think that’s the right philosophy. i enjoyed being with everyone (let me clarify, not just the new friends, but of course my existing friends as well who have loved me through all the ups and downs over the last year) that i took time AWAY from work to simply just be with them. the people at my school, new and old, have become my family, which is what i have been longing for since starting here. and it was just this simple thing that spurred me to get going and do my best. full force. all or nothing. no lukewarm stuff here.

don’t get me wrong, there has been drama through the roof, arguments, and various frustrations – but there have also been times of sitting and doing nothing, falling asleep in the corner of the room at 8am, walks through the streets to clear our heads, sushi dates atop the hill across from school. there have been countless disappearances, mysteries, secrets that aren’t secrets, and an overwhelming amount of knowing looks and winks. we all survived on japanese food from our ‘canteen’ across the street (i get free miso because i go there so often) and coffee and coconut water (hydration after pulling all-nighters – which may or may not have been spent in the studio, i’ll never tell).

it’s been a bumpy beautiful ride, the last 2 months.

More adventures surely to come.